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Pregnancy certificate for air travel, work or Kela

Pregnancy certificate from a private doctor

Whether you are going on a plane trip during mid-pregnancy, or you need a pregnancy certificate for your employer or Kela, you can get an official pregnancy certificate from us in either English or Finnish as needed.

Read more about the pregnancy certificate below, check out our price list or book an appointment at Preggo for your own pregnancy certificate!

What is a pregnancy certificate?

A pregnancy certificate is an official certificate issued by a health professional about the state of pregnancy, including e.g. week of pregnancy and calculated time of birth. A pregnancy certificate is a requirement for many airlines, especially during late pregnancy. A pregnancy certificate may also be needed for e.g. your employer or the Kela/the authorities.

Why a pregnancy certificate from a private clinic?

Many airlines have varying levels of restrictions on pregnant passengers, and in many cases a pregnancy certificate is required for air travel. This is mainly because, especially in late pregnancy, flying can promote the onset of labor. On the other hand, you may also need a pregnancy certificate for your employer, or for Kela’s application(s).

Regardless of the reason, it can be difficult to obtain a pregnancy certificate from public healthcare providers, and in that case a private option may become necessary.

What does a pregnancy certificate cost?

The price of the pregnancy certificate at Preggo is €145. The price includes the gynecologist’s 30-minute appointment, pregnancy certificate, office expenses and Kanta fees. If you also want an ultrasound examination during the same appointment, the total price is €249 (incl. gynecologist’s appointment, ultrasound, pregnancy certificate and office/Kanta expenses). That is, according to your wishes, you can book an appointment either with or without an ultrasound examination.

We therefore recommend you to book a 30-minute appointment (€145), and during the appointment you can discuss the necessity of an ultrasound with the gynecologist on a case-by-case basis – the billing will be based on what services you choose..

When should you inform your employer about your pregnancy?

If you are employed during your pregnancy, it is your duty to notify your employer of your pregnancy no later than two months before you intend to take your maternity leave. Pregnancy is your private matter, and does not need to be reported to the workplace earlier than this.

If you work in a work environment that is dangerous for pregnancy, you have the obligation to present a pregnancy certificate to your employer so that the employer can take the necessary safety measures. If there is a risk factor for the expectant mother or the fetus at work or in the working conditions, and this risk factor cannot be removed and the employer cannot provide other suitable work, the expectant mother must be absent from work before the actual maternity benefit period begins and she has the right to take special maternity leave.

As a general rule, special maternity leave requires the delivery of a pregnancy certificate to the employer, so that the condition of the expectant mother can be reliably ascertained. When applying for special maternity allowance from Kela, you must attach a pregnancy certificate, an occupational health doctor’s statement about the work causing danger, and a statement from the employer stating that it is not possible to place the employee in a job that is safe for the fetus and the pregnancy. (source: Koskinen Seppo, 2010)

Who writes the pregnancy certificate?

At Preggo, all pregnancy certificates are made by our gynecologist. Depending on your needs, you can request a certificate in Finnish or English.

What information is needed for a pregnancy certificate?

If you have special wishes regarding the content of the pregnancy certificate (e.g. a special requirement from the airline regarding the language or the content of the certificate), write this information down in the comments section of your appointment booking. Usually, the pregnancy certificate contains basic standard information that our doctor will at least include in the certificate.

How do I make an appointment for a pregnancy certificate from Preggo?

Book a 30-minute appointment with our gynecologist using our booking system, and add your request for a pregnancy certificate in the comment section. You can also discuss other gynecological matters during the appointment.

Below you can find links to our appointment booking system and price list!