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What do we offer?

Pregnancy health services

We provide ultrasound examinations of early, middle and late pregnancy, as well as other gynecological, psychological and sexual health services.

Our gynecologist (specialist in gynecology and obstetrics), psychologists, midwife and sexual therapist will treat you according to your wishes and unique situation.

Midwife's services

Our midwife treats and supports you warmly and professionally. The early ultrasound scan performed by a midwife is not diagnostic, so if you have any symptoms during your early pregnancy or suspect a miscarriage, book an appointment directly with our gynecologist.

This service is designed for you, who has got a positive pregnancy test and has no special concerns related to your pregnancy or health. You have no bloody discharge or lower abdominal pain. There may be minor lower abdominal pinching that occurs in early pregnancy. You want confirmation that the pregnancy has started and you can talk to a midwife it.

During the midwife’s appointment, you can discuss and ask questions about normal pregnancy and childbirth.

The aim of the ultrasound examination carried out by the midwife is to establish that
– the pregnancy is inside the uterus
– how many fetuses are in the womb
– the heart beat can be seen normally
– the pregnancy corresponds to the expected duration of the pregnancy
If you wish, you will get an ultrasound picture with you from the appointment as a reminder of this “first meeting”.

During pregnancy weeks 7+0–12+0: to avoid unnecessary extra visits and needless worries, starting from pregnancy week 7+0 (the so-called eighth week of pregnancy), when it is more likely that the pregnancy has advanced sufficiently and the signs of a pregnancy that has started normally are visible.

Please note that the midwife does not make diagnoses or decide on treatment. Diagnostics and determination of treatment are the responsibility and competence of a doctor. If the midwife finds something abnormal, the situation must be evaluated and confirmed by a doctor.

If you have bloody discharge and/or lower abdominal pain, the early pregnancy situation should be evaluated by a doctor/gynecologist to rule out or diagnose a possible pregnancy disorder. In this case, book an appointment with our gynecologist.

You can also always book an appointment directly with our gynecologist, even if you are asymptomatic.

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Are you worried about the heart rate of your fetus?

By booking a 15-minute ultrasound appointment, you can check the fetus’s heartbeat with our midwife and make sure the fetus is alive. If there is something else on your mind, please book a longer reception time.

At most during the 22nd week of pregnancy.

Discussions with our experienced midwife about everything and anything related to pregnancy, childbirth and / or the postpartum period. Our midwife has experience in the treatment of childbirth fear, and topics for discussion may include e.g. various fears related to childbirth and pregnancy.

We recommend that you book an appointment in your late pregnancy if you experience any fear or uncertainties about the upcoming childbirth, or if you would like to discuss some other part of your pregnancy in more detail.

For all weeks of pregnancy, as well as both before getting pregnant and after childbirth.

Face-to-face or remotely.

The late pregnancy appointment and check-up is suitable for the final stage of your pregnancy, i.e. from the 38th pregnancy week onwards.

By the end of your pregnancy, you may already feel impatient, and many people need support in the last weeks of pregnancy to wait for the birth to start. During this appointment (depending on your needs), you can e.g. discuss the upcoming birth, fill out a birth wish list and ask questions about late pregnancy, the start of labor and the first moments of the baby.

During the appointment, the baby’s position can be checked using ultrasound, and if you wish, the midwife can check the condition of the cervix with an internal examination. If you wish, you can also discuss hand milking techniques during the appointment, as this is useful if you plan to breastfeed your child.

Reflexological/therapeutic pregnancy massage relaxes, makes the expectant mother feel better and also effectively restores the body after childbirth. It is a safe and deeply relaxing treatment for expectant mothers and mothers who have given birth. The massage can be done at any stage of pregnancy.

The massage is done lying on the side supported by pillows.

What are the effects of the treatment?

The treatment e.g.
● relieves body tension and pain
● speeds up your metabolism and reduces swelling
● reduces stress and helps you relax
● prepares the body for childbirth during late pregnancy
● restores the body from pregnancy and childbirth

The reflexological pregnancy massage lasts about 60 minutes.

Our midwife is an experienced and trained massage therapist, but not a reflexologist.

A reflexological/therapeutic baby massage is a gentle and effective treatment for the baby. It relaxes the baby and makes it feel good. The treatment can be done from about 1,5 weeks of age. Reflexological baby massages have been researched to be effective and its effects include e.g.
● relieves the baby’s stomach problems, such as colic, constipation and flatulence
● strengthens body functions and motor development
● improves sleep quality
● reduces crying
● facilitates possible breastfeeding difficulties

What happens during your appointment?
The treatment is always done on the baby’s terms and the appointment has an unhurried and gentle atmosphere. Time is also set aside for breastfeeding, so you can also receive breastfeeding guidance from our midwife at the same time. The massage eases the tension in the baby’s body, which e.g. childbirth may have caused.

The duration of the apointment is 60 minutes, of which about 30 minutes is the actual baby massage.

The appointment includes an interview with the parent(s) about the course of the pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, sleeping, etc. The parent(s) also receive instructions on how to massage the baby themselves at home.

To get the best possible benefits, the treatment should be done 3-5 times in a series.

Our midwife is an experienced and trained massage therapist, but not a reflexologist.

Specialist services

Our gynecologist will examine, treat and help you at all stages of pregnancy: before pregnancy, at all stages of your pregnancy and after giving birth.

Book an appointment with our specialist for an assessment or visit for pregnancy monitoring and follow-up (in addition to, or instead of, the public services offered).

In addition to the follow-up examination, the monitoring and treatment of the mother’s well-being and health is also possible after birth at our gynecologist’s reception. During the visits, it is always possible to make a medical assessment also in the form of an ultrasound examination.

Appointment with an experienced gynecologist. Incl. for example issues related to fertility and pregnancy planning, planning and implementation of contraception, removal of an intrauterine device, pregnancy-related visits (when an ultrasound examination is not necessary), postpartum follow-up, and follow-up visits to address the mother’s physical and mental well-being during infancy.

For all weeks of pregnancy, as well both before getting pregnant and after childbirth.

Remote phone or video appointment with an experienced gynecologist. Incl. in particular issues related to fertility and pregnancy planning, contraceptive planning with prescriptions, issues related to pregnancy, postpartum follow-up, maternal welfare monitoring during infancy, etc.

For all weeks of pregnancy, as well both before getting pregnant and after childbirth.

This service is designed for you whose pregnancy test is positive and you would like an ultrasound examination by an experienced specialist, an assessment of your situation and/or a more comprehensive examination of the early pregnancy situation. If you wish, our gynecologist can perform a gynecological examination, as well as go over any possible concerns, illnesses and medications that may affect your pregnancy.

The early ultrasound examination by our gynecologist ensures that:
– Your pregnancy is in the right place inside the uterus
– The fetus has grown and developed as expected
– The fetus’s heartbeat is normal
– The duration of the pregnancy, the calculated time of birth and the number of fetuses are determined
– The cervix, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries are also examined
– A normal or abnormal early pregnancy situation is diagnosed

Please book an appointment directly with a gynecologist if you have symptoms during your early pregnancy, such as:
– lower abdominal or back pain and/or bloody discharge
– you suspect a miscarriage
– you want to rule out an ectopic pregnancy
– you are otherwise in an unclear early pregnancy situation
– you need a medical evaluation or the beginning of pregnancy is associated with uncertainty, anxiety and/or fear of childbirth
– you are considering termination of pregnancy

During pregnancy weeks 4-12:
If you have no symptoms, book an early ultrasound scan at pregnancy weeks 7+0-12+0, and to avoid unnecessary extra visits and worries, the recommendation is from weeks 7+0 of the pregnancy (the so-called eighth week of pregnancy), when it is more likely that the pregnancy has advanced sufficiently and the pregnancy situation can be clarified in one visit. Sometimes a repeat visit after 1-2 weeks is needed due to an unclear situation.

Sometimes, however, symptoms, underlying diseases and concerns require a visit earlier, and you can also book an appointment with our gynecologist at an earlier stage of pregnancy.

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Pregnancy follow-up appointment with our gynecologist after the 12th week of pregnancy. The status of the pregnancy as well as the health and well-being of the expectant are reviewed. A gynecological examination of e.g. the uterus and womb can be performed. This reception is suitable both for normal pregnancy monitoring and for situations where there are symptoms such as contractions, light bleeding, other mental worries of the expectant or fear of childbirth.

If necessary, the length and condition of the cervix, the fetal heart rate, a weight assessment, the well-being of the fetus, the location and function of the placenta and the amount of amniotic fluid are reviewed during this mid or late pregnancy ultrasound examination. The sex of the fetus can be determined when the fetus is in a suitable position from the 17th week of pregnancy onwards.

Weeks 13-26 and 27-40 of pregnancy.

In connection with the visit, 3D/4D technology (so-called 4D-ultrasound) can also be used, and it is possible to get 3D/4D images of the fetus if the imaging conditions are favorable. The best visibility for a 3D/4D ultrasound examination is during weeks 24-28 of pregnancy.​

Gynecologist’s appointment including an ultrasound examination before or after pregnancy.

Such an appointment time is especially suitable for gynecological and reproductive health screenings before pregnancy, follicular ultrasound examinations, postpartum abortion, bleeding disorders, and lower abdominal pain.

If necessary in connection with the a follow-up postpartum examination. ​

The NIPT (Non-Invasive Prenatal Test), a fetal screening test, is taken from a maternal blood sample from pregnancy week 10 onwards. The NIPT can be used to safely and reliably detect most fetal chromosomal abnormalities in a maternal blood sample. The results of the NIPT are ready within 2 weeks.

At Preggo, you can get either a basic or extensive NIPT – our gynecologist can recommend which test is right just for you during the appointment.

During an extensive NIPT, in addition to specific chromosomes, the most common microdeletion syndromes in newborns are screened (compared to the basic NIPT).

In connection with the NIPT test, you must book a gynecologist’s appointment (if you do not already have a doctor’s referral for a NIPT), because it is not possible to do the NIPT test without a referral from a specialist. In most cases, we recommend also booking an ultrasound examination to ensure that the NIPT test is not performed in vain (ultrasound is used to verify the pregnancy’s status and progress). The above also applies to other medical centers, although they may not always communicate this openly.

About 15% of pregnancies end in miscarriage. Based on a patient interview and a clinical and ultrasound examination, a miscarriage can be reliably diagnosed by our gynecologist at one or two visits, depending on the situation.

If a miscarriage is diagnosed, the situation is clearly explained and the treatment of the miscarriage is planned together. Medical treatment can be arranged during the same visit and further treatment and possible follow-ups are agreed. In some situations, light follow-up treatment is sufficient. If operative treatment is needed, a referral to public medical care will be made for further treatment.​

After a miscarriage, the follow-up is at least a negative pregnancy test within 4 weeks of the suspected miscarriage.

However, often a woman / couple who has experienced a miscarriage needs and benefits from other support. It can be a discussion and a gynecological follow-up at the gynecologist’s reception, either after the next menstrual period, or whenever the patient feels the visit is necessary.

After a miscarriage, if there is an increase in abdominal pain, smelly leakage, fever, an increase in heavy bleeding, it is advisable to visit the reception or, in a very acute situation, contact the public emergency reception.
Sometimes additional psychological support from a psychologist, psychotherapist, or psychiatrist is also needed.​

The insertion of a contraceptive device takes place in connection with the gynecologist’s appointment and the gynecological examination. During the same reception, a gynecological ultrasound examination can be performed before and after the insertion and thus the device can be verified to be in place.

You can prepare for the procedure by taking painkillers about an hour before the reception. This eases possible post-insertion lower abdominal sensations. A prescription is required for a hormonal coil.

It is possible to discuss about the most suitable contraceptive device for you with our gynecologist via our remote reception. During the remote reception, all various options are discussed, and a prescription is written for you. If you already have a suitable contraceptive coil, no remote reception is needed.

Please buy the contraceptive coil for yourself before the reception.​

When you start planning for pregnancy, or you want your contraceptive device removed for some other reason, you should reserve a gynecologist’s reception.

The contraceptive device / coil is removed the gynecologist’s inspection, and is usually a fast procedure that is not particularly painful.

An ultrasound examination and a general gynecological evaluation may also be performed during the same reception, depending on the your situation and wishes.​

An official pregnancy certificate prepared by a gynecologist in Finnish or English, e.g. for air travel, your employer or Kela | Reserve a 30-minute appointment with a gynecologist, and ask for the pregnancy certificate during your appointment.

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– Pregnancy planning
– Follicle ultrasound
– Pregnancy monitoring
– Depression and anxiety during pregnancy
– Fear of childbirth
– Postpartum examination
– Monitoring the well-being and health of the parturient

Psychologist's services

A licensed psychologist will discuss and support you before pregnancy, during all stages of your pregnancy and after birth.

Read more about our psychologists’s areas of expertise by clicking this link!

A psychologist’s consultation with one of our experienced psychologists. In particular pregnancy planning, the waiting period, fears of childbirth and difficult childbirth experiences, infertility, losses such as miscarriages, stillbirths, and the loss of a newborn are topics where we can support you.

During all weeks of pregnancy, and before and after pregnancy.

A remote psychologist’s consultation with one of our experienced psychologists.

For instance, pregnancy planning, the expectancy period, fears of childbirth and difficult childbirth experiences, infertility, losses such as miscarriages, stillbirths, and the loss of a newborn are topics where we can support you.

During all weeks of pregnancy, and before and after pregnancy.

Psychotherapist's (student) services

Psychotherapy student Tiina Kahri, who will graduate in 2023, will discuss and support you before pregnancy, during all stages of your pregnancy and after birth.

Unhurried meetings and a confidential discussion atmosphere.

You can book an appointment to discuss, for example, the following topics; wish for pregnancy, thoughts or possible worries that come to mind during pregnancy, preoccupying things, wishes or fears related to childbirth. You are also welcome to visit after child birth and discuss, for example, the birth experience, reflections related to your own recovery or coping, and matters related to parenting and relationships.

Other topics discussed at the reception can include, for example, matters related to miscarriage, termination of pregnancy or stillbirth.

With our psychotherapy student, you can also discuss issues related to mental health (for example low mood, exhaustion, depression and anxiety) and their effects on pregnancy and parenting.

Parenting, just like families, are different and everyone has the right to think about their own way of being a parent and their own role in the family. Both parents are welcome to the reception separately or together.

Sex therapist's services

Licensed sexual counselor and sexual therapist Tiina Kahri will discuss and support you in matters related to your sexuality. You can book the consultation both alone or with your significant other.

Sexual therapy with an experienced sexual counselor and -therapist.

Talking about sexuality out loud in a safe and respectful atmosphere helps to dispel sometimes unnecessary worries and to clarify one’s own thoughts and wishes. When you come to the clinic together with your spouse, sex therapy can at best offer you the opportunity to find a new conversational connection and bring you even closer.

Common reasons for seeking sex therapy are, for example, a mismatch of desires, sexual reluctancy, altered body image or altered roles due to parenthood.

Other services

A TENS device is a self-administered, small device designed to treat labor pain. You can rent a TENS device from us for 1-2 months. The device can be picked up at an agreed time from our reception.

The devices we rent are either an Elle TENS Plus or Elle TEN 2 device, most highly recommended by midwifes! (incl. the all-important Boost-function).

From the 31st week of pregnancy onwards.


Fetal screening examinations are performed in specialized units, e.g. as part of the public health care services.
We do not perform fetal screening examinations at Preggo, at least for the time being.

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