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Privacy policy at Preggo

Privacy statement

This Privacy Statement applies to the processing of personal data of customers. This privacy statement provides information to both the data subject and the supervisory authority in accordance with data protection law (description of processing operations).

Preggo Oy (hereinafter “Preggo”)
Kalevankatu 54B 11, 00180 HELSINKI

Preggo Oy’s patient register is shared between Preggo’s healthcare professionals, incl. the company’s employees.

Purposes and grounds for the processing of personal data

Personal data is processed for the following purposes:

  • To provide health care services based on the law
  • To assess the need for health services and to target the service based on a service agreement, law or legitimate interest between the customer and Preggo
  • To control the activities and quality of work of professionals based on the law
  • For marketing and / or communications purposes, based on the customer’s consent, agreement and / or Preggo’s legitimate interest
  • Planning, developing, managing, monitoring and reporting on our own operations, quality assurance and information management based on the law and Preggo’s legitimate interest
  • For research and statistical purposes based on consent, law, public interest and / or Preggo’s legitimate interest
  • Processing of feedback, formal inquiries and incidents based on the law and Preggo’s legitimate interest
  • For billing and collection based on an agreement between the customer and Preggo
  • Verification of misconduct and control of use based on law and legitimate interest

Categories of personal data to be processed

We process the following personal data:

  • Basic information

  • Health information

  • Welfare information

  • Appointment booking information

  • Records of customer service events

  • Billing information

  • Information on feedback, formal inquiries and incidents

  • Information related to the use of websites and services

  • Information related to the use of identification and authentication tools and services

  • Information related to network behavior and analytics

Retention periods for personal data

We store your information as follows

Data related to the care of a patient are kept in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on patient documents for 12 years from death or, if there is no information about it, for 120 years from the patient’s birth.
If the data recorded by the customer has not been exported into the patient records, the data will be kept until the customer deletes it himself, or asks us to delete the data from our system. A request for the removal of a plan drawn up by a professional must be addressed to the place of business in question.
Recordings of customer service events are kept for a maximum of three months.

With regard to other personal data, we regularly assess the necessity of the personal data in relation to the purposes of the processing. If we find that the data is not needed for processing purposes and there is no legal obligation to retain the data, we will delete the data.

Data sources

Where personal information is collected

The personal data processed is generally collected from the patient himself. If the patient is a minor, data can also be collected from caregivers. Personal data is also collected from nursing staff in connection with the examination and treatment.

The patient’s basic information is updated from the Population Information System of the Digital and Population Information Agency.

If necessary, personal data may also be obtained from other health care units or health care professionals with the patient’s consent.

In certain situations, information may also be collected from insurance companies, etc.

Processing and disclosure of personal data

How is the data processed and disclosed?

With personal consent, personal data will be processed by Preggo’s healthcare professionals and experts.

The processing of personal data is outsourced to group companies and / or external service providers who process personal data on behalf of Preggo. Patient data will not be transferred outside the EU or EEA. Customer data may be transferred to a limited extent outside the EU or EEA within the limits permitted by law. In this case, the transfer will take place using the European Commission’s model contract clauses or any other transfer mechanism permitted by data protection law.

Personal data will be disclosed to the following parties:

Kanta Patient Information Archive

– Health information is archived in Kanta Services’ Patient Information Archive maintained by Kela in accordance with the Act on the Electronic Processing of Social and Health Care Customer Data. More information at

In addition, patient data will be disclosed by consent or by law to the following parties:

Another health care unit / organization / place of care or health care professional

– The information necessary for the organization of treatment may be disclosed to  health care units, in accordance with the patient’s oral or written consent or other contextual consent recorded in the patient record.

Insurance companies

– For statutory insurances, the necessary information is disclosed to insurance companies based on the law without consent.

– In the case of voluntary insurance, the necessary information will be provided with the patient’s consent.

Authorities and / or entities

– Information shall be provided to courts and other public authorities or bodies entitled to access information by law upon written and individual request in the form and to the extent required.

The patient’s close relatives

– When a patient is unconscious or being treated for another comparable reason, the data may be disclosed to close relatives or other relatives, unless there is reason to believe that the patient has refused to disclose the data.

Research organizations

– The provisions of section 13.4§ of the Patients Act apply to the disclosure of information contained in patient documents for scientific research.

– Anonymised and / or statistical information may be processed for research and statistical purposes without consent.

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