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If your company has chosen ePassi as a payment partner for your employee health benefit, you can now also pay for Preggo’s services with ePassi Health when you visit Preggo as a private customer. 

Using ePassi as a payment method at Preggo

The ePassi Health benefit is intended for services outside of the occupational health care, such as health, wellness and specialist services. Most of Preggo’s services can be paid for in full or in part using ePassi: In addition to ultrasound services, Preggo offers pregnancy specialist and midwifery services.

Services covered by the ePassi Health benefit include:

  • Physiotherapy (to which the client has a referral)
  • Voluntary health and medical services, such as the health and medical services offered by our midwife and gynecologist (e.g. ultrasound examinations by a midwife and gynecologist fall into this category).

Paying with ePassi

Paying with ePassi atPreggo is easy with the ePassi mobile app. Select Preggo from the app, enter the payment amount, and then display the app’s receipt at checkout. Payments can be made for any amount based on the remaining balance in your ePassi. Any difference in the final payment amount will be paid at Preggo’s checkout with a debit or credit card.
Read about other ePassi payment methods behind the link below:  ePassi

Meillä käy Epassi hyvinvointi maksuvälineenä varhaisultraan, raskausultraan ja 4d-ultaan.

Payment methods: The most common debit and credit cards as well as ePassi Health.

Uncancelled bookings will be charged a reception fee.

VISA, Mastercard ja ePassi hyvinvointi maksuvälineenä varhaisultraan, raskausultraan ja 4d-ultaan.