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Seksuaaliterapia, seksuaaliterapeutti, seksuaalineuvoja Tiina Kahri

Sex therapist ja psychotherapist (in training) Tiina Kahri

Welcome to my consultation at Preggo!

I am a sexual counselor, sex therapist, midwife and nurse by education.
I am currently also studying to become a psychotherapist (University of Helsinki and Therapeia foundation) graduating in ~12/2023. I have previously worked as a midwife in a delivery room and in a pediatric ward, and as a nurse in a counseling center. As a therapist, pregnancy and the postpartum period with all its opportunities, but also its challenges, is close to my heart.
I am also an authorized sexual counselor and sex therapist. I have worked as a sexual counselor and sex therapist both at the municipal counseling center and at a private reception.
Becoming a parent is a unique time in life. Many kinds of thoughts may rise to the surface during this period. Often, wording these thoughts out loud and being heard helps structure your own thoughts and dispels possible worries or fears. I hope to be able to support you in the questions that bother you on this unique journey.
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My services at Preggo

Therapeutic conversational support

I offer therapeutic conversational support. During my consultation, I hope to offer unhurried meetings and a confidential discussional atmosphere. You can book an appointment to discuss, for example, the following topics; wish for pregnancy, thoughts or possible worries that come to mind during pregnancy, preoccupying thoughts and anxieties, wishes or fears related to childbirth. You are also welcome to discuss after birth, for example about the birth experience, reflections related to your own recovery or coping, and matters related to parenting and relationships.

You can also come to talk about miscarriage, termination of pregnancy or stillbirth in a safe atmosphere at my office.

I will also discuss with you issues related to mental health (for example low mood, exhaustion, depression and anxiety) and their effects on your pregnancy and parenthood.

Parenting, just like families, are different and everyone has the right to think about their own way of being a parent and their own role in the family. Both parents are welcome at my consultation, either separately or together.

Sexual therapy

Sexuality is part of all of us and it changes throughout life. One of the points of change in sexuality may be the period of pregnancy and the period after childbirth. Infertility me also affect your sexuality. Talking about sexuality out loud in a safe and respectful atmosphere helps to dispel sometimes unnecessary worries and to clarify one’s own thoughts and wishes. When you come to the clinic together with your spouse, sex therapy can at best offer you the opportunity to find a new conversational connection and bring you even closer.

Common reasons for seeking sex therapy are, for example, a mismatch of desires, sexual reluctancy, altered body image or altered roles due to parenthood.

Consultation (also remotely)

I hope that together we can create a safe atmosphere for good discussions. Sometimes one meeting is enough, but often it is better to have a few meetings so that there is time between meetings to work on things and structure them in your own mind. To all visitors, you are welcome alone or together with your baby and spouse. When coming together, you should reserve a little more time (90 min).

All visits can also be carried out remotely.


Midwife, nurse, sex counselor, sex therapist and psychotherapy student (2023).

– Tiina Kahri