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Raskaus psykologi Saara Kaikkonen

Psychologist Saara Kaikkonen

Welcome to my consultation at Preggo!

I am a licensed psychologist with extensive experience of over 10 years in various application fields of psychology, as well as in-depth knowledge of the special issues faced by expectants and baby families.

While working as a baby family psychologist, I have met numerous families with various issues related to pregnancy, the expextancy period, and families with babies and small children. Also, for example, pregnancy planning, childbirth fears and difficult childbirth experiences, infertility, losses such as miscarriages, stillbirths and the death of a newborn are themes that I can support you with.

Every pregnant, expecting or new parent deserves to be heard with their own feelings, needs, thoughts, experiences, body and history in mind. It is close to my heart to walk side by side in this revolutionary phase of life, supporting you in your growth journey that is parenthood.
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My services at Preggo

Psychologist’s consultation

I offer psychologist consultations to support your pregnancy and parenting. Growing into parenthood and early parenthood often evoke a lot of different emotions. Parenting is reflected in one’s care history and other life experiences, the life situation into which the baby is being born, and the story of this pregnancy and the baby. The parents’ current burden and resource factors also influence what parenting turns out to be like. Parenting can evoke many, even conflicting, emotions, which I offer a safe environment to discuss about and deal with. Going through different emotions and experiences is essential in terms of well-being and coping in parenthood.

You can come alone, with your baby or your spouse, according to your needs. Please note that I do not offer couples therapy. The health care record is made for everyone present at the reception. If you want to reserve plenty of time to discuss the needs of both parents or to be unhurried with the baby, you can book a 90-minute appointment. Due to high demand, I also offer visits on weekends.

Anxiety or depression during pregnancy or after childbirth

Mental health challenges are common during the expecting and baby period. Moods can vary amid upheavals in the body, mind and family, or the mind can be filled with various worries and anxieties. I can support you by mapping your mood and well-being and by offering a psychologist’s conversational help. Together, we can discuss your strengths, needs and load factors and make a plan to balance them in your new life situation.

If necessary, I will refer you to other healthcare services.

Pregnancy planning, infertility

I am also by your side during the pregnancy planning phase. Sometimes to get pregnant and family planning involves special issues, in which case conversational help can be very important. Infertility evokes many emotions, which are important to be able to disassemble with a professional. Infertility does not automatically end with having a child, but it can be as an experience still present in the family’s life. I’ll help you get heard and to structure your feelings and thoughts.


Birth fears and difficult birth experiences

You can book an appointment with me in connection to childbirth fears or difficult childbirth experiences. I’ll be there for you to analyze fears, tension or difficult experiences. We can do various breathing and imagery exercises, prepare a birth wish list or a letter for the birth together. The key is you and your experience, hearing your fears and strengthening your sense of security.

After difficult childbirth experiences, the help of conversation is also very useful. I’m here for you and I’m listening. Going through difficult birth experiences can be important for both parents. Even if it’s already been a long time since the difficult birth experience, it’s worth dealing with it, especially if the experience has left you with anxiety or depression or you’re planning another pregnancy.

Early interaction support

Sometimes you need the support of a professional to create a relationship with your baby. The baby may feel strange, be tearful or your own mood may be low or changeable, in which case it can be difficult to read the baby’s messages, enjoy the baby and rejoice in your own parenting. In these cases I can be there for you, and we can wonder about the baby together and get to know him and express your and the baby’s feelings and needs in words. We can do various functional exercises and tasks or just be, listen and talk. You are welcome to make an appointment already during pregnancy to strengthen the relationship with the unborn baby.


Sometimes things do not go as expected, and the pregnancy is terminated or needs to be terminated, or the newborn baby dies. I am deeply sorry if you have had to experience a loss. You can make an appointment and come to share feelings of sadness, anger, disappointment and hopelessness, and sometimes even glimpses of hope. I have walked alongside families in several different losses and I think it is important that there is a time and place for dealing with and sharing emotions and that there is a humane person listening. I love to hear the unique story of a lost child and I am with you when you want to remember and remember him.

Remote consultation

You can make an appointment for a remote consultation if you want to make the appointment flexibly remotely. Then you yourself are responsible for a disturbance-free and data-secure space where you can focus on a confidential conversation in peace.


Master of Psychology (PsM), (University of Eastern Finland 2013), licensed psychologist

– Saara Kaikkonen, psychologist

Great service first. Always.

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