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Gynekologi Minna Kuusisto, Preggo Oy

Gynecologist Minna Kuusisto

Welcome to my reception at Preggo!

I am a gynecologist, i.e. a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. I
consider the good handling of pregnancy and pregnancy-related issues, both positive and negative, to be particularly important. A woman’s well-being and experiences in one pregnancy affect that pregnancy, but also subsequent pregnancies and early interactions with the baby.

The physical and mental well-being of the mother after childbirth is an important issue, often left in a side role after the birth of the child. A mother’s own well-being is important for the both the woman herself as well as for the future of her child/children.

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My services at Preggo

Pregnancy planning

I advise and examine women planning pregnancy according to each need. At the reception, it is possible to e.g. have a follicle ultrasound (usually days 11-13 of your menstrual cycle) or a gynecological ultrasound in general. You can also visit my reception if you are worried about your fertility or a long awaited pregnancy does not materialize. We do not terminate pregnancies at Preggo, but if necessary, I will act as a referring physician and write a medical referral to a public healthcare institution.


When two lines appear on a pregnancy test, you may feel a crazy mixture of feelings like disbelief, joy, worry, fear, horror, happiness all at once, and suddenly the time to your first ultrasound screening at a public institution may feel abnormally long. An early pregnancy ultrasound examination clarifies how the pregnancy has started. If there is pain, bleeding or other disturbing symptoms in early pregnancy, the situation can be clarified at my reception. You can also come in for an early ultrasound without any special symptoms to just check if the pregnancy has started normally. You can visit my office during your pregnancy at any time and in addition to or instead of the public maternity clinic’s doctor’s appointment. It is always possible to include an ultrasound examination into a regular reception visit, so that we can monitor the fetus’ well-being and growth more closely.

Diagnosis and treatment of miscarriage

Some pregnancies end in a miscarriage. I want to diagnose a miscarriage carefully and once the diagnosis is certain, I will be able to start medication for the miscarriage, even immediately during the same visit if the patient so desires. I will also advise on future monitoring as well as follow-ups if needed. I also provide mental support to my patients, and if necessary, I will refer the patient to additional psychological support/treatment. If the miscarriage is not treatable with medication, I will refer you to further treatment.

Postpartum time (time after childbirth)

I will perform postpartum examinations (includes a certificate) within 5-12 weeks of giving birth as required by Kela. Many mothers feel that follow-ups of the mother end after just one follow-up examination, even though a totally new stage of life, motherhood, has only just begun. For many, matters related to contraceptive planning also come too quickly during the public follow-up examination. It is often a good idea to return to childbirth recovery and contraception, mood issues and other potential health issues raised by pregnancy and childbirth (such as gestational poisoning, high blood pressure, diabetes) even later in infancy. This type of postpartum follow-up can be booked at Preggo at your convenience and in accordance with your own circumstances.


I take care of contraceptive issues (including e.g. prescriptions) at both my live and remote receptions. I comprehensively assess the benefits and potential disadvantages of each woman’s health status and contraceptive options. This could include e.g. removal of a contraceptive device/coil due to pregnancy planning, or insertion of a contraceptive coil after child birth. To insert a contraceptive device, a remote reception (15 min is enough) is needed for planning and prescription of a contraceptive device. If you already have a contraceptive device or coil, you can book a time for just insertion of the device.

Gynecologist’s reception

In addition to the services mentioned above, I also hold a general gynecologist’s reception, especially for matters related to fertility and pregnancy planning, but also for other matters related to a woman’s personal health.

Remote reception

At the remote reception, I treat gynecological ailments and issues related to contraception that can be treated remotely. These include planning and monitoring of contraception, urinary tract infections, menstrual transplantation, heavy and painful menstruation, sexually transmitted diseases, gynecological counseling and pregnancies.


Licentiate of Medicine (University of Helsinki 2002)
Specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics (University of Helsinki 2013)

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