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Meet Preggo's pregnancy specialists

Preggo gynekologi Minna Kuusisto

Minna Kuusisto

Doctor / Gynecologist

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Raskaus psykologi Saara Kaikkonen

Saara Kaikkonen


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Raskaus, masennus ja ahdistus erikoispsykologi ja psykoterapeutti Mirja Sarkkinen

Mirja Sarkkinen

Special psychologist / Psychotherapist

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Raskaus, masennus ja ahdistuspsykologi Mirjam Raudasoja

Mirjam Raudasoja

Psychologist / PhD researcher

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Seksuaaliterapia, seksuaaliterapeutti, seksuaalineuvoja Tiina Kahri

Tiina Kahri

Sex therapist / Psychotherapist (student) / Midwife

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Preggo raskausultra kätilö Aurelia Palojärvi

Aurelia Palojärvi


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Erikoispsykologi ja psykoterapeutti Mirja Sarkkinen

Johanna Kaaretsalo


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Gynekologi Minna Kuusisto, Preggo Oy

Gynecologist Minna Kuusisto

Welcome to my reception at Preggo!

I am a gynecologist, i.e. a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. I

consider the good handling of pregnancy and pregnancy-related issues, both positive and negative, to be particularly important. A woman’s well-being and experiences in one pregnancy affect that pregnancy, but also subsequent pregnancies and early interactions with the baby.

The physical and mental well-being of the mother after childbirth is an important issue, often left in a side role after the birth of the child. A mother’s own well-being is important for the both the woman herself as well as for the future of her child/children.

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Raskaus psykologi Saara Kaikkonen

Psychologist Saara Kaikkonen

Welcome to my reception at Preggo!

I am a licensed psychologist with extensive experience of over 10 years in various application fields of psychology, as well as in-depth knowledge of the special issues faced by expectants and baby families.

While working as a baby family psychologist, I have met numerous families with various issues related to pregnancy, the expextancy period, and families with babies and small children. Also, for example, pregnancy planning, childbirth fears and difficult childbirth experiences, infertility, losses such as miscarriages, stillbirths and the death of a newborn are themes that I can support you with.

Every pregnant, expecting or new parent deserves to be heard with their own feelings, needs, thoughts, experiences, body and history in mind. It is close to my heart to walk side by side in this revolutionary phase of life, supporting you in your growth journey that is parenthood.

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Raskaus, masennus ja ahdistuspsykologi Mirjam Raudasoja

Psychologist Mirjam Raudasoja

Welcome to my reception at Preggo!

I am a licensed psychologist and doctoral researcher at the University of Jyväskylä. I have years of clinical experience in different areas of psychology with adults, children and families. With my experience as a counseling psychologist and through my soon-to-be-completed PhD research, I have specialized in issues of pregnancy, childbirth and the baby period.

I have met a lot of different people in my clinical work, and I want to respect everyone’s individuality, values and life situations. Pregnancy, childbirth and parenting a baby bring out the more sensitive aspects of humanity in us in a very special way. I want to support families in finding their own way to parenthood and coping as parents. It is especially important to me that every future or new parent gets the support they need in this transitional phase of life.

I offer services to everyone who is thinking about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting topics, as an individual or couple reception. Pregnancy planning, conflicting feelings about pregnancy or parenting, anxiety and depression, fear of childbirth, difficult birth experiences, and questions about becoming a parent and coping as a parent are all things I can support you with. Also, various losses and sorrows, such as childlessness or miscarriages, are things I am happy to support you with. I also do couples counseling to support the transitional phase of a relationship or to solve challenges in a relationship.

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Seksuaaliterapia, seksuaaliterapeutti, seksuaalineuvoja Tiina Kahri

Sex therapist, psychotherapist (in training) and midwife Tiina Kahri

Welcome to my reception at Preggo!

I am a midwife and nurse by training.
I am currently studying to become a psychotherapist (University of Helsinki and Therapeia foundation) graduating in ~12/2023. I have previously worked as a midwife in a delivery room and in a pediatric ward, and as a nurse in a counseling center. As a therapist, pregnancy and the postpartum period with all its opportunities, but also its challenges, is close to my heart.
I am also an authorized sexual counselor and sex therapist. I have worked as a sexual counselor and sex therapist both at the municipal counseling center and at a private reception.
Becoming a parent is a unique time in life. Many kinds of thoughts may rise to the surface during this period. Often, wording these thoughts out loud and being heard helps structure your own thoughts and dispels possible worries or fears. I hope to be able to support you in the questions that bother you on this unique journey.


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Preggo raskausultra kätilö Aurelia Palojärvi

Midwife Aurelia Palojärvi

Welcome to my consultation at  Preggo!

I am a licensed midwife.

I have experience in working in the delivery room, in the maternity and gynecological emergency room, as well as in the maternity clinic and the children’s ward. At Preggo, I do early ultrasound scans, as well as check fetus heart rates and do midwife’s consultations.

You can e.g. visit me if you need individual support from a midwife, for example when preparing for birth, breastfeeding or the postpartum period.

It is important for me to be able to meet my partients genuinely and without haste, taking into account individual needs.
According to your wishes, we can e.g. go through your thoughts about childbirth, the stages of childbirth and issues related to pain relief.

The midwife’s appointment/discussion time can also be combined with an ultrasound scan, e.g. to check the fetus’s heartbeat. In that case, book a longer period or two consecutive visits, so that there is plenty of time for both. You can also call Preggo’s customer service phone number,  and we’ll help you book a  time that suits your needs.

Erikoispsykologi ja psykoterapeutti Mirja Sarkkinen
Kuva tulossa!

Midwife Johanna Kaaretsalo

Welcome to my consultation at Preggo!

I am a midwife and body care instructor by training.

I have twelve years of experience as a midwife working with women’s diseases, pregnant women and with those who have given birth as well as with newborns.

At Preggo, I offer early and mid-pregnancy ultrasound examinations (up to week 22), fetal heart rate monitoring, and fetal positional checks in late pregnancy.

In addition, I offer therapeutic/reflexological pregnancy and baby massages to support the overall well-being of mother and baby.

You can also book an appointment if you need breastfeeding guidance or want to dicuss peronal matters with a midwife. Discussion topics can be e.g. fear of childbirth, preparation for childbirth and the period after childbirth.

During my appointments there is always an unhurried and accepting atmosphere. Holistic well-being is particularly close to my heart, which is also reflected in my service offerings.

You can also book combined appointments if want different services during the same visit. If you wish, you can call Preggo’s phone service and we will organize a package that best suits you.

Great service first. Always.

Experiences from our customers

What do our customers think of our service? Here are some customer reviews of our professionals…

“I’d like to especially thank Preggo’s gynaecologist, who is always warm and soothing regardless of the reason for my visits.
She explains everything competently and in detail.”


Matinkylä, Espoo

“Warm encounter, we left in a great mood! We got some 4d photos, even though the weeks were a bit late from the ideal time.

The reception is really beautiful, a peaceful atmosphere greated us straight from the entrance.”



“The gynaecologist was cordial, funny and knowledgeable. She made me feel relaxed and heard.
As as an active nurse by trade, I am proud that such a patient-oriented service exists.

Keep on rocking! You’re a really wonderful doctor.”


Tapiola, Espoo

“What an exciting experience!
Me and my husband got to see our child’s heartbeat for the first time! 🙂

The staff was absolutely lovely, really knowledgeable and “mom-like”. I highly recommend!”


Lehtisaari, Helsinki

Join us

Welcome to Preggo! At Preggo, you get to do meaningful work in great company. You get to create excellent patient-customer experiences in a growing and evolving family business that wants to revolutionize the way pregnancies are handled holistically: all the way from pregnancy planning to postpartum follow-ups and contraception.

We offer interesting and varied positions and career paths at our Helsinki reception.

We are currently seeking a gynecologist, psychologist, psychiatrist and / or a psychotherapist who has a deep interest in pregnancy related issues to join us this upcoming fall.

Become part of Preggo’s story and send an open application to
For more information, call Preggo’s CEO Peter at 040 5552717.

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