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Feeling preggo?

We'll support you on every step of the way - from pregnancy planning to post-childbirth follow-ups!

Early ultrasounds, mid- and late pregnancy ultrasounds as well as other gynecological services - all from one place!

Our mission is to offer affordable and easily accessible pregnancy health services!

"Which contraceptive method is right for me? Is my pregnancy progressing normally? What if I get a miscarriage? How should I get ready for childbirth?"

For answers to these and dozens of other questions that may be bothering you, visit our reception. We offer comprehensive pregnancy ultrasound examinations and health services for all mothers from Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and the rest of Finland.

We serve you at all stages of your pregnancy: pregnancy planning and contraception, early pregnancy, miscarriage treatment, mid pregnancy, late pregnancy and follow-ups after childbirth. We want to offer you an easily approachable pregnancy clinic which really cares about your health.

We aim to ease your worries and uncertainties about pregnancy so you can prepare for and enjoy this unique period in your life. We will also be there for you if your pregnancy does not go as planned.

You are always warmly welcome to visit!

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Great service first. Always.

Experiences from our customers

What do our customers think of our service? Here are some customer reviews of our professionals…

“I’d like to especially thank Preggo’s gynaecologist, who is always warm and soothing regardless of the reason for my visits.
She explains everything competently and in detail.”


Matinkylä, Espoo

“Warm encounter, we left in a great mood! We got some 4d photos, even though the weeks were a bit late from the ideal time.

The reception is really beautiful, a peaceful atmosphere greated us straight from the entrance.”



“The gynaecologist was cordial, funny and knowledgeable. She made me feel relaxed and heard.
As as an active nurse by trade, I am proud that such a patient-oriented service exists.

Keep on rocking! You’re a really wonderful doctor.”


Tapiola, Espoo

“What an exciting experience!
Me and my hubby got to see our child’s heartbeat for the first time! 🙂

The staff was absolutely lovely, really knowledgeable and “mom-like”. I highly recommend!”


Leppävaara, Espoo

Pregnancy health services

In addition to pregnancy ultrasound examinations, we also offer receptions with a midwife, gynecologist and financial professional. We offer afforable prices to enable high quality ultrasound examinations and health services for all Finnish mothers, regardless of income level!

Early pregnancy ultrasound examination

During the early ultrasound examination, our gynecologist ensures that your pregnancy is in the right place inside your womb and that the fetus is growing and developing as expected. She will also check that the fetus's heart rate is normal. During this examination, the duration of pregnancy, the estimated time of birth as well as the number of fetuses is determined. The cervix, fallopian tube region and ovaries are also examined.
Pregnancy weeks 6-12.

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Mid or late pregnancy follow-up and ultrasound examination

The health and well-being of the expectant and the progress of the pregnancy are reviewed. A gynecological examination and examination of the uterine mouth can be performed if needed. Fetal growth is monitored with an ultrasound examination.
Pregnancy weeks 13-26 & 27-40.

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Gynecologist's reception

A gynecologist is a doctor who specializes in gynecology and childbirth, and treats you holistically with a particular focus on your reproductive and sexual health.

Topics include fertility and matters regarding pregnancy planning, such as planning and implementing contraception, contraceptive coil removals, pregnancy-related visits (when a ultrasound examination is not necessary), postpartum follow-ups, and follow-up visits for the mother's physical and mental well-being during infancy.

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Gynecological ultrasound examination

Gynecologist's reception and ultrasound examination before or after pregnancy. This reception is especially suitable for gynecological and reproductive health screenings before pregnancy, follicular ultrasound examinations, miscarriage follow-ups, bleeding disorders, or if you are experiencing lower abdominal pains. If necessary in connection with the postpartum follow-up examination.

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Miscarriage treatment

Some pregnancies end in a miscarriage. At Preggo, a miscarriage is reliably diagnosed by a specialist. This allows us to arrange treatment for the miscarriage during your reception, either by booking a follow-up and / or with medication. Alternatively, a referral can be made to the public health services for further treatment.

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Gynecologist's remote reception

Remote phone appointment with an experienced gynecologist. Including in particular issues related to fertility and pregnancy planning, contraceptive planning (incl. prescriptions), issues related to pregnancy, postpartum follow-up, maternal welfare monitoring during infancy, etc.

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In addition to these, we also have plenty of other gynecological health- and follow-up services.
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Where can you find us?

Kamppi, Helsinki
Kalevankatu 54B

Our reception is located in downtown Helsinki on the corner of Kalevankatu and Köydenpunojankatu, at Kalevankatu 54B, Helsinki.
We are open on all weekdays in accordance with our booking calendar.

The reception is easily accessible by car and public transport:
Whether you are coming from Espoo, Vantaa or the other side of Helsinki, you can easily reach us by public transport – the closest tramstop is only 200 meters from our reception! The closest metro station is in Ruoholahti, circa 600 metres  away.
If you’re visiting by car,
there is plenty of parking space on the adjacent Hietalahti parking lot. In the mornings, there are usually also plenty of roadside parking space in the same block as our reception.

You can find our reception on the corner of Kalevankatu and Köydenpunojankatu via a corner entrance (see picture below).

You are warmly welcome!

Preggo toimisto, Helsinki. Raskausultrat, varhaisultra ja 4D-ultrat.

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