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Frequently asked questions

Happy pregnant couple, after preggo ultrasound examination in Helsinki.

Pregnancy weeks 6-12: Early pregnancy ultrasound examination
Pregnancy weeks 13-27: Mid pregnancy ultrasound examination
Pregnancy weeks 24-28: 3D/4D ultrasound examination
Pregnancy weeks 28-40: Late pregnancy ultrasound examination

If the pregnancy has started normally, you will be able to see your child’s heartbeat for the first time! (recommended time to visit: from pregnancy week 7 + 0) The early ultrasound also seeks to ensure that the pregnancy is in the right place inside the womb and that the fetus is growing and developing well. The duration of the pregnancy, the estimated time of birth as well as the number of fetuses can also be determined during this appointment.

During the mid pregnancy ultrasound, the sex of the fetus can often be determined as long as you are at least 15 weeks pregnant. This ultrasound also aims to ensure that the fetus has grown and developed well.

During the late pregnancy ultrasound, the baby’s position in the womb is determined and a weight assessment is given. The ultrasound examination also aims to ensure that the baby has grown as expected and that all is well in the womb.

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If you cannot find the time or service you want, please call our customer service, or send an e-mail to

You can cancel or reschedule your appointment at least 24 hours before its start. For subsequent cancellations or uncancelled bookings, we will charge the full amount of the booked activity.
This way we can ensure that all willing expectant mothers have the chance to visit our reception.

Reception with 2D ultrasound examination: appr. 30 min.
Reception with 3D/4D ultrasound examination: appr. 45 min.

For twin pregnancies: 10 min will be added to the times above.

You can bring your spouse, friend and/or support person and, if necessary, your child. In our experience, children are rarely interested enough to calmly sit through the whole examination.

You can also come alone!

Yes, you can get an official pregnancy certificate from us upon request.

The price of the pregnancy certificate totals 145 € (gynecologist’s reception, the certificate is included in the reception’s price).
If you also want an ultrasound examination, the price of the entirety is 249€ (gynecologist’s reception, ultrasound examination and pregnancy certificate). In other words, you can choose either with or without an ultrasound examination.

In any case, we recommend to book a 30-minute reception slot (145€), and during the reception you can discuss the need for an ultrasound with our gynecologist on a case-by-case basis – billing according to the chosen services.

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