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Kalevankatu 54B, 00180, Helsinki

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041 312 0440​

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Kamppi, Helsinki
Kalevankatu 54B

Preggo toimisto, Helsinki kesällä. Raskausultrat, varhaisultra ja 4D-ultrat.

Commercial collaborations

In case of commercial collabs, we hope that you will be in contact by e-mail at:

We hope you will tell us a little about you and, of course, how your pregnancy has gone so far.
In addition, we hope that you will be able to provide us with info on:
– Your social media channels / blog
– Your subscriber count / followers of your channel or blog.

If you have a plan or idea for the content you were thinking of producing, you can also tell us about it. We look forward to hearing from you regarding possible cooperation. We always expect some other pregnancy-related content from our collaborators in addition to exhibiting the ultrasound examination and reception.
So, what would be the kind of thing we could discuss during the reception or what should we focus on during your visit? We hope the topic is something that you can share in your social media channels and that creates value to your subscribers/followers.

If you have any questions, we will be happy to answer them.

Thank you for your interest in Preggo!

Previous collaborations with e.g. @vilmajosefiinaig and @camillatyyska

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